Direct mail is one of the most important tools that local campaigns can use to reach voters effectively.  Our team focuses on direct mailers for candidate and issue-focused campaigns.  AJRSS designs custom mailers according to your campaign’s needs.  We write compelling content and select effective images that ensure our materials get read, educate voters and encourage them to take action. AJRSS uses unique headlines, distinctive graphics and catchy sub-headlines.   AJRSS’ custom design mailers have helped candidates deliver effective messages while educating voters.

Our Direct Campaign Mailers are customized around your need.  You logo and slogan will be the core of each mailer.  We will design a layout that uses the space to its fullest while maintaining a professional and modern appearance.

Social Media Campaigns
an easy innovative approach used to reach voters who are part of the internet community.  A message that is created by one use can be spread to thousands of voters within minutes. We will make use of every resource in order to help you garnish votes and campaign contributions.

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns serve as a way to continue effective communication with voters, send out news, updates and event notifications.